Thursday, November 18, 2021

Scott demolishes Omarova: It's not personal, it's business – HotAir

However, as Scott makes clear, Omarova’s long record on hostility toward the US banking system and capitalism in general is much more disqualifying for this position. Scott didn’t have time to get to the point I raised earlier, although he brought up the same structural concern via other public Omarova statements:

One has to wonder how many other Senate Democrats want to sign up for a plan that would cut Congress out the loop on spending decisions by enabling the executive branch to gather its own funding by seizing private capital. This is a recipe for an authoritarian state, not a federal representative republic.

That’s entirely the thrust of Omarova’s public philosophy, as Scott detailed through her own words. The question isn’t whether an old peccadillo should sideline Omarova, but why Joe Biden ever nominated her in the first place. Forget the criminal-history vetting — did anyone at the White House bother to read through Omarova’s writings before nominating her for this position? Especially with a 50/50 split in the Senate?



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