Friday, November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Headed for Hung Jury? | National Review

W hen you are stubbornly determined to play with fire, you often get burned. Judge Bruce Schroeder is getting burned.

The judge has declined to sequester the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case — even after publicity about the case intensified as the prosecution’s case buckled and the defendant testified; even as things reached a crescendo as the judge admonished prosecutors over their misconduct and summations loomed; and even as the jury-deliberation stage brought loud, vile protesting, occasional outbreaks of violence, and frenzied police activity to the courthouse steps.

And now, Schroeder has been forced to take drastic action because the jury appears to have been dogged by the hard-left media outlet MSNBC.

At midday on Thursday, as the third day of deliberations dragged on and there grew a foreboding sense that the jury may be deadlocked over a very straightforward case, the judge announced that he had banned MSNBC from the courthouse. Schroeder elaborated that on Wednesday evening, a man who identified himself as affiliated with the network, James J. Morrison, was stopped by police as he tracked the jury at close range, running a red light in that pursuit. The jurors were in a large vehicle with covered windows, from which they have been escorted to and from court.


Easy to say now, but the jury should have been sequestered.

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And the prosecution should have been machine-gunned albeit only metaphorically.

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