Saturday, November 27, 2021

If critical race theory is in Missouri classrooms, it’s likely in yours

I am a proud Parkview HS Viking who graduated from Springfield Public Schools, deep in the beautiful Ozarks of southwestern Missouri. It’s part of the Bible Belt area, deeply conservative. Former President Donald Trump last fall carried Greene County (Springfield is the county seat) by a whopping 59 to 39 percent. He won neighboring Christian County 75 to 24 percent and Webster County 79 to 19 percent.

So it was a shock to read reports that Springfield Public Schools is instructing teachers that they are white supremacists for requiring use of the English language or calling police on a black criminal suspect. SPS teacher training also listed such examples of “covert white supremacy” as “education funding from property tax,” “mass incarceration,” “treating kids of color as adults” and the phrase “All lives matter.”

The stated purpose of the more-than-40-slide training deck, obtained by investigative journalist John Solomon (my former boss), is to combat “systemic racism and xenophobia.” It features an “oppression matrix” identifying “privileged” oppressors including “white people,” “male assigned at birth,” “gender conforming CIS men and women,” “heterosexuals,” “rich, upper-class people” and “Protestants.”


Well, they might have a few white supremacists in Missouri -- who knows? But this woke nonsense seems like a silly way to combat it. Far better would be to teach the traditional "content of our character not the color of our skin" material. CRT only gives such racists are there may be an excuse to oppose equality.

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What if I said "Some lives matter"? Would that be anti-woke? Safer, I suppose, to say "Islam is right about women".

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 28, 2021 6:47:18 AM

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