Tuesday, November 30, 2021

'Checked-out' Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's 'eccentric' life

According to “Hatching Twitter,” Dorsey only found out when a girl told him to message her rather than call. His go-to move for wooing females, meanwhile, was to present them with origami cranes he made himself.

The former Twitter employee believes these ladies are attracted to Dorsey for more than just his billions: “It’s not the money at all. He’s legitimately interesting. That makes him a lot cooler than, say, Zuckerberg.”

Dorsey, worth some $11 billion, according to Forbes, grew up in St. Louis — where his mom was a homemaker and his dad an engineer — and now lives in a glass mansion overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. He’s been said to breakfast on water, salt and lemon and to spend some 75 minutes each day walking from his home to his office. But he reportedly prefers working at home under infrared light, which is supposed to relieve stress. He’s claimed to eat just one meal per day and fast on the weekends.

He’s also, according to the Times of London, endorsed the microdosing of LSD.

via nypost.com

The idea of microdosing LSD is interesting. Trouble is -- what if it leads to brain damage?


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S.F., glass mansion; somebody should introduce chimps to his neighbourhood.

Posted by: dearieme | Nov 30, 2021 11:33:50 AM

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