Thursday, October 14, 2021

Video Analysis of Popular "Critical Race Theory" Texts - by Paul Taylor - Big Picture by Paul Taylor

Hello there everyone! There are some remarkably popular texts promoting “critical race theory” concepts that contains some remarkably false narratives. I have a video up on Youtube analyzing these texts in some detail. If you think it’s a worthwhile discussion, please send it to others through your various blogs and social media, especially if you’re connected to anyone concerned with the popularization of these false narratives. Following the link to the video, I’m posting below the transcript of the video as well (the numbers simply refer to the slides I use in the video in the order in which they appear). At at the bottom are buttons to subscribe to my Substack, to share this particular post, and to share my Big Picture Substack. Thanks for watching!


This also via Gail Heriot on instapundit.

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