Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Idaho governorship circus continues – HotAir

It’s been a strange week in the state of Idaho, largely because of the rather “unique” way their laws handle the dealings of the state executive branch. Earlier this week, as Karen already covered, Governor Brad Little departed for Texas where he joined nine other governors investigating the Biden border crisis. There’s nothing unusual about that since it was official state business. Under Idaho’s rules, any time the Governor leaves the state, the Lieutenant Governor (currently Janice McGeachin) immediately assumes the powers of acting governor. But the two executives don’t run for office on the same ticket in Idaho, so they sometimes turn out to be political rivals, which is currently the case in the Gem State.

As soon as Little’s plane crossed over the state border, McGeachin began issuing executive orders. She banned vaccine mandates and immunity passports in the state, along with mandatory COVID testing. She also attempted to call up the Idaho National Guard and dispatch them to the southern border. (The Major General in charge of the Guard declined, citing a lack of a request for Idaho National Guard assistance under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact from Texas or Arizona.) Little initially said he would be reversing the orders as soon as he returned to Idaho, but yesterday he changed course and issued those directives while still in Texas. (Politico)


Idaho. In the news. (No exclamation points for this item.) And I don't think it's a circus. More like a pro wrestling match.

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Never vote for anyone called Brad.

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