Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano - Episode #65

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YouTube cancelled Pomp's channel yesterday, but quickly backed off when his 1 million followers on Twitter started to object. Of course, it's a private company, yada yada, but it's nice to see them back off with such alacrity. "We must keep YouTube a safe space unless of course you get enough powerful people mad at us, then whatever!" Pomp is absolutely right that most cancellees do not have his market clout.

YouTube routinely demonitizes anything critical of the CCP. Think about that for awhile. And anything else that's insufficiently woke. It's fun but chilling to watch George Gammon negotiate the YouTube spiders by avoiding key trigger words such as "vaccine," or "coronavirus." I'm sure their parent Google also pushes down anti-CCP search results. Just sayin'. We are living in strange and in many ways dark times.


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"avoiding key trigger words": I've been impressed by the rapid takeoff of 'Let's go, Brandon'. It's the sort of wry humour that seems to me more typical of the US fifty years ago.

Posted by: dearieme | Oct 12, 2021 10:12:57 AM

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