Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Could a cave system 275 miles from Wuhan be the source of the coronavirus? – HotAir

To sum this up, there is a possible source of bats that carry viruses closer to Wuhan than the caves in Yunnan. That area was also a hotspot for the wild animal trade. Some of the animals from that trade surely made it to wet markets in Wuhan and there’s even evidence the authorities were worried about that connection before announcing word of the new virus to anyone.

What’s really needed to nail this down is tests or samples of the animals that were at those farms in 2019 when they were shut down. We don’t know if those tests were ever done and if so, what the results were. In some cases, the animals at these farms were apparently just released back into the woods.

The point of all of this is that we can’t really prove the natural spillover theory of the origin of the coronavirus for the same reason we can’t prove the lab leak theory: China refuses to share information. As a Washington Post editorial said yesterday, China’s stonewalling is unacceptable.

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