Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Biden’s Proposal to Empower I.R.S. Rattles Banks and Their Customers - The New York Times

When the Biden administration looked for ways to pay for the president’s expansive social policy bill, it proposed raising revenue by cracking down on $7 trillion in unpaid taxes, mostly from wealthy Americans and businesses.

To help find those funds, the administration wants banks to give the Internal Revenue Service new details on their customers and provide data for accounts with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600. That has sparked an uproar among banks and Republican lawmakers, who say giving the I.R.S. such power would be an enormous breach of privacy and government overreach.

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"total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600": ANNUAL? Are they mad?

P.S. How do they know that they are owed "$7 trillion in unpaid taxes"?

Posted by: dearieme | Oct 12, 2021 8:46:35 AM

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