Thursday, September 30, 2021

Joe Biden’s history tour from hell - The Spectator World

Breaking news from off the wires this morning. Apparently the guy who almost punched out a Detroit factory worker on the campaign trail may not be our most adept of presidents. That Joe Biden’s administration is flailing has suddenly dawned on our establishment as though a miraculous epiphany. Think a kind of political Fatima, only instead of the sun moving across the sky it’s just that TikTok influencer with the long nails prancing about the clear blue.

How bad has it gotten for the White House? Even Chuck Todd thinks Biden has a ‘pretty big credibility crisis on his hands.’ And Chuck Todd once let Dr Fauci interview him.

The abruptness of this realization does seem weird. This is the same Biden who once declared that Dunkin’ Donuts was a no-go zone for native-born English speakers; it was always within the realm of possibility that he was not the most capable individual to ever inhabit the Oval Office. Yet I get it. Really I do. This country has been through 10 years of exhausting political turmoil and 20 years of wretched policymaking. Even I had held out hope that a change in leadership might rectify a few of our problems.


Nothing new but still funny.

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I didn't know Americans used "docent". I find "in the U.S. a docent is a guide who works at a museum, a historical site, or even a zoo or a park. Docents are usually volunteers, and their services are often free of charge."

I think you'll find that Biden's services are not free of charge.

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 30, 2021 8:51:43 AM