Monday, August 2, 2021

UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth in South China Sea sparks Beijing threats

China says it has launched multiple military drills as the United Kingdom’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth enters the South China Sea. It calls the ship’s visit “colonial”. It warns that if it “intrudes” on Chinese-claimed islands and reefs, it will be “expelled”.

“China will end the struggle between hegemony and anti-hegemony forces with the US. All other countries outside the region are advised to stay away from this confrontation to avoid ‘accidental injury’,” a hostile state-controlled media editorial warns.


Well, well. The old lion still has a few teeth left.

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It was stupid (and corrupt) to build two carriers, and madness to send one of them into the South China Sea.

Suppose China sinks it. What then?

Posted by: dearieme | Aug 2, 2021 10:12:30 AM

The Chinese reaction seems a little overwrought, yes? Wait until they see what Trump is gonna do when he gets back in the White House...... :-)

Posted by: jmod46 | Aug 2, 2021 12:42:54 PM