Friday, June 11, 2021

The Guardian view on the Covid lab-leak theory: act on what we know | Editorial | The Guardian

China should share all the raw data it holds. No one believes it will. Regardless, it cannot avoid responsibility for its known failures in handling the outbreak. But nor should other countries, notably the US and the UK, be allowed to dodge the blame for their own terrible mistakes in responding to this pandemic.

We also need to think about the next one. Whatever the origins of this particular virus, both the increased risks of zoonotic transmission due to human-made factors including modern farming practices, and the security of research institutions internationally, demand close attention: we know that leaks do happen, and that gain-of-function research is a very risky business. We may never find out how exactly how this virus reached humans. But what we do know tells us there is plenty that can and must be fixed.


This is what I would describe as a milder version of c*** swaddle. The US and UK have a lot to answer for, in particular funding this harebrained gain-of-function research. But the PRC, ah, well, you know the story if you're reading this blog.

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"nor should other countries ... be allowed to dodge the blame for their own terrible mistakes": they obviously have in mind dreadful old Pelosi calling Trump a racist for stopping flights from China. Yes?

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 11, 2021 1:15:48 PM