Saturday, June 12, 2021

Biden needs to butt out of British politics - spiked

Now, the Biden administration has entered the fray, of course on the side of the EU oligarchs. The Times’ description of Washington’s issuing of the demarche against the UK should chill everyone who believes in sovereignty and democracy. Yael Lempert, America’s most senior diplomat in the UK, met Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, on 3 June. She informed him of President Biden’s ‘great concern’ that Britain’s caginess about elements of the protocol could be ‘inflaming’ tensions in Ireland. Apparently she ‘slowly and gravely read her instructions [from Washington] aloud’. In short, Frost was given a bollocking. By a foreign power. Over how Britain conducts its domestic affairs. Are you worried yet?

We need to take stock. In a couple of weeks time it will be the fifth anniversary of the historic, magnificent vote for Brexit, when 17.4million Brits issued an instruction of their own – that Britain must withdraw from the EU and ‘take back control’ of its borders, its trade and its law-making. And yet such control still feels elusive.


An idiotic move by the American empire. We're trying show we back the EU to the max, Anglosphere be damned. What this means to what's left of the Biden brain, who knows. That's hardly relevant. It's about what you would expect form the not very Deep State types running things though. Even France is doing a better job than we are lately.

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Nobody knows who wrote the Gospel of Mark but it's a convenient convention among scholars to refer to the anonymous writer as Mark. After all, some label is necessary.

I suppose a similar convention covers claims of what President Biden
thinks or does.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 12, 2021 3:47:41 PM