Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Shrek at 20: an unfunny and overrated low for blockbuster animation | Animation in film | The Guardian

Shrek has an outhouse with a working toilet.

It is not part of the film’s cynical brand of “irreverence” that an ogre’s latrine is supported by modern plumbing. And it’s certainly not consistent with the hygiene of a swamp-dwelling beast who bathes in mud, brushes his teeth in slime and boasts of a killer weed rat stew. But after our lime-green hero literally wipes his ass with a fairytale ending, it was apparently decided that the film needed that emphatic flushing sound before the Smash Mouth single All Star kicked in and the introductory montage could commence.

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So it's come to this, has it? Have you no shame, sir? Is nothing, absolutely nothing, sacred? Shrek is a monster. A Monster! He engages in toilet humor! For G-d's same man! Deal with it!


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