Sunday, May 2, 2021

Biden First 100 Days: Press Becomes State-Run Media | National Review

O ne might be able to overlook the political media’s five-year abandonment of basic journalistic standards — the corrosive embrace of “Russian collusion” conspiracies, the slew of anonymously sourced “scoops” that failed to materialize, the refusal to properly correct those mistakes or be transparent about them, the concerted cover-up of left-wing riots, a sloppy and selective “fact-checking” scam . . . for starters — if their antagonism toward the Trump administration had been fueled by a duty to hold those in power accountable. But Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office should have disabused everyone of that notion.

The press corps has shifted, instantaneously upon Inauguration Day, from playacting hero to assuming the duties of a state-run media. And it’s nearly impossible to keep an accurate accounting of all the fabricated, skewed, and misleading coverage it spews. Whether proactively working with Democrats to convince voters that a Georgia election-integrity bill was worse than Jim Crow or minimizing the border crisis, most of the political media function as a communications shop for one party.


I remember I once drafted an opinion for the judge I clerked for, George MacKinnon, in which I referred to the "profession of journalism." The judge liked the opinion but absolutely refused to include that phrase. "Journalism is *not* a profession," he insisted. After all these years, I now must concede the point.

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