Sunday, April 11, 2021

Pentagon verifies more images, video of UFOs – HotAir

Earlier this week, a couple of people who are familiar faces in the ufology community released some new data on military engagements with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP or UFOs for you old-school folks). The first was Nevada journalist George Knapp, who, in addition to his regular reporting work, has been covering the entire UFO subject for decades and he’s a close confidant of Harry Reid. Writing at Mystery Wire, Knap released three previously undisclosed photos of anomalous objects purportedly filmed by Navy pilots in 2019. The day after that, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released a brief (19 second) video on his website from a different encounter later that year, showing what were described as “pyramid-shaped” UFOs buzzing some of our naval forces. (I’ll embed the video at the end. To see the pictures you’ll need to click through to Mystery Wire’s site.)


Well, at least Lizard People are still a joke. Right?

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