Friday, April 2, 2021

Businesses, health experts join ranks of ‘vaccine passport’ opponents

WASHINGTON — When it comes to decrying the concept of “vaccine passports,” conservatives have company. The idea’s detractors now include certain business owners, who fear customer backlash and the hassle or danger of enforcing the policy, and even prominent public health advocates, too.

The proof-of-vaccine concept is gaining traction in some circles globally and within the U.S., including among some professional sports teams, a major university, and highly vaccinated countries like Israel. In New York and Hawaii, among other states, governors have pitched the idea as a means of returning to normal life.

But the concept represents a “slippery slope,” said Georges Benjamin, the executive director of the American Public Health Association — one that could politicize the vaccine rollout, make health inequities worse, and even lull vaccinated people into a false sense of security.


I suspect the Lizard People are beyond this whole Vaccine Passport thing.

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Vaccine passports -- amazing how the Left will advocate any idea, no matter how totalitarian. But, of course, the Left opposes requiring ID cards to vote. Internal contradiction? No -- the Left's positions aim to create chaos and strife -- not actually to advance a coherent worldview. As the Left has always done in the last 120 years, it profits from chaos and strife by making promises to stop the madness and then taking unlimited power.

Posted by: R. Stevens | Apr 6, 2021 6:55:07 AM

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