Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Wuhan Lab Theory a Dark Cloud on China - WSJ

Alas, the World Health Organization mission is turning into a case of disaster foretold. A credible inquiry requires China’s full cooperation, not just cooperation with those lines of inquiry that are consistent with its own propaganda. And couldn’t somebody have put Peter Daszak, team member from New York City’s EcoHealth Alliance, under permanent mouth quarantine?

To insist that human encroachment on nature is the great risk tells us nothing about what happened in this particular case. To insist, as he did on NPR, that China’s manhandling of the delegation with greeters in full hazmat garb, its forcing of the visitors into 14-day quarantine, was merely testament to China’s Covid rigor overlooks another possibility: China was seeking to intimidate and dominate the investigators because of the colossal importance it places on controlling the virus narrative.


If you believe that the coronavirus did not escape from the lab in Wuhan, you have to at least consider that you are an idiot who is swallowing whole a lot of Chinese cock swaddle. At least Peter Daszak has good personal and financial reasons, not to mention reasons of career preservation, for advancing what he must know is a facially implausible thesis. But whatever. Go Science!

UPDATE:  It appears that some people are interpreting my reference to "Chinese cock swaddle," as a reference to an ethnic group.  That is a misinterpretation.  To be clear, I was referring to the Chinese government.

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Professor Smith,
As a USD SOL alumni (the class of 1975), and a conservative constitutional rights attorney, please feel free to contact me if USD harasses you. 760-803-4029 over your article.

Posted by: Gary Kreep | Mar 24, 2021 2:32:31 PM

Yes, this virus escaped from the military lab in the BSL4 lab complex near Wuhan.
Even some Chinese who had the courage to speak, and who worked either in the lab complex itself or for the state health authorities in Wuhan, say the same as professor Smith.
Good luck to you, professor, do not allow yourself to be beaten down by politically correct morons.

Posted by: sszorin | Mar 25, 2021 11:06:04 PM

You mean to tell me this article left the "USD law community feeling vulnerable and helpless so that students cannot balance their studies or “prepare for our futures in the legal profession"?

Give me a break. Total pansies! My first experience in law was at a firm that was given a consent decree to provide oversight on a jail for poor jail standards with the ACLU. Offenders sitting in intake for days using their crappy sandwiches as pillows, staff violence, nurses brought in for deposition claiming the medical staff (mostly doctors) coming in drunk everyday, and several people left to die in their cells pleading for medical attention, including a person I grew up with in high school. Welcome to the real world, little ones.

USD Law students... Get a clue and get a life!

Posted by: michael rinderle | Apr 28, 2021 9:23:27 PM

As a USD alumna I will happily make my opinion known to support your freedom of speech. Especially since it’s factual! Tell me who I can email and I’ll have my friends do the same!

Posted by: Oriana Leo | May 3, 2021 4:16:11 PM

I would appreciate your letters of support. Address them to
Dean Robert Shapiro
USD School of Law
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego CA 92110
President James Harris III
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego CA 92110

Posted by: Tom | May 3, 2021 4:42:50 PM

Free speech is one thing but academic rigor is another. How can one who claims to be a teacher not read the actual report before making a snap conclusion? Is the law not driven by logic anymore? And what's the meaning of "Go Science!" Is that sarcasm? If so, that is in poor taste. Scientific advancements are giving humanity a fighting chance against the virus, regardless of how it originated.

Posted by: Som Shahapurkar | May 4, 2021 2:30:20 PM

Sorry I missed all of this. My daughter is a sophomore at USD and I was pleased to read that the Provost told the bullies to back off

Posted by: Brian Brady | May 4, 2021 3:54:16 PM