Thursday, March 4, 2021

Petaluma bans all new gas stations in push to curb emissions

Petaluma has become what officials said is the first city in the country to permanently ban the construction of new gas stations, a move intended to signal a faster transition to zero-emission vehicles ahead of California’s sweeping efforts to curtail climate change.

The Petaluma City Council voted unanimously Monday to prohibit the creation, expansion, reconstruction and relocation of gas stations, encouraging owners to transition to stations that serve electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Petaluma hopes to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“We need to do our part to help mitigate and adapt to our changing weather patterns that exist because of all the carbon we put in the atmosphere,” Councilwoman D’lynda Fischer, who spearheaded the initiative, said Tuesday.


My dentist just got a Tesla but I don't know.

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Dentist? Dentists used to drive Volvos. At least, here they did. I mean, you wouldn't want a Porsche driver fiddling about in your mouth, would you?

Posted by: dearieme | Mar 4, 2021 10:11:19 AM

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