Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Portland as seen by the guy who installs plywood over broken windows

John’s last name and the name of his company were left out of the story. He’s already had his company “doxxed” a couple of times by people who don’t appreciate him protecting all of those windows. The lack of love is very mutual. John’s not a fan of the vandals or their idea of justice. He’s seen up close what it does to families who own businesses downtown:

John describes himself as conservative, a churchgoing man among the socialists, with no love for window-breakers.

“The most jacked-up part of this is seeing families sobbing,” he says. “It’s hard to be there for them emotionally when they’ve lost everything. First because of COVID, then all their inventory’s been taken. They’re crying, sobbing. It’s heartbreaking, dude. That’s where I got turned off toward some of these groups that are doing this in the name of justice.”

I think a lot of people watching the destruction last summer had the same reaction. After the riots there were lots of local news stories interviewing people who’d lost everything. Some of that made its way into the mainstream coverage but a lot of it did not.

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