Thursday, February 18, 2021

Oakland shop owner arrested after using firearm during robbery

In recent weeks, Oakland’s Chinatown district has experienced what some locals have described as an epidemic of crime. A significant number of assaults and violent, armed robberies have taken place in and around the shops in the area on an almost nightly basis. On Monday night, the owner of a liquor store had apparently had enough. He saw a woman being robbed of her camera and purse on the street corner outside of his shop. When the assailant violently knocked the woman to the ground, the shop owner grabbed his handgun and charged out onto the street, ordering the assailant to fall back. The robber jumped into a vehicle and escaped with the store owner firing four shots. The story had a very sad ending when the police arrived and decided to arrest the owner of the liquor store. (CBS San Francisco)


Of course they did. He's lucky they didn't shoot him.

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