Monday, January 11, 2021

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech - American Greatness

In just the past few days, Twitter banned the account of Trump campaign digital director Gary Coby, accusing him of letting Trump use his account. At the same time, conservatives on Twitter are reporting they’re losing tens of thousands of followers. Brian Kilmeade “lost 30K followers in 4 hours”; Terrence K Williams tweeted, “I lost 100,000 followers”; Omar Navarro “lost 28K followers in one day”; Dave Rubin said, “I’ve lost over 35K followers on this authoritarian shitscape in the last 48 hours”; actress Kristy Swanson “lost another 20,000 followers overnight”; Rachel Campos-Duffy reported, “I lost 8K followers in 24 hours”; Michael Malice tweeted, “just lost 200 followers in the last 5 minutes”; journalist Byron York tweeted, “now down nearly 29,000.”


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