Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Democrats don’t care what you think about their scandals | Spectator USA

The bottom line that is escaping my friends on the right who demand accountability is that they — the media, Democrats, Big Tech and their defenders — simply don’t care what we think about them. We are just deplorables hanging out in those red counties. All they care about is that they won and roughly half the country will adore them for the lies they told to win. Biden is in and Trump is out. Period.

Don’t get me wrong: there should be accountability for people who were knowingly wrong. A compromised media is simply bad for America. Big Tech clearly taking the side of one political party over the other won’t end well. But we are past that now. The right needs to realize that the left will seek victory at any cost so if they aren’t prepared to meet them in the caged arena in a fight with no rules, then they should accept defeat and move on.

Otherwise, start fighting back. I hear Ken Starr might have some time to serve as a special counsel.


Ken Starr would be great. But is he perhaps too old?

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