Monday, November 23, 2020

Why did Team Trump dump Sidney Powell?

The whole reason Senate GOPers are biting their tongues about Trump’s attempt to overturn the election is that they’re trying to keep the base onside in Georgia. They’re stuck between two constituencies they’re trying to appease, the Trump fans who want to believe that the election was rigged and the suburbanites who voted for Biden in the general election but might be willing to come back to the party provided it doesn’t seem too crazy. Powell was alienating both groups. Tying Trump’s legal effort to a conspiracy theory that somehow involved Hugo Chavez was a WTF moment for everyone outside the most activist parts of the populist base, including suburbanites. But accusing Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, and even Kelly Loeffler — who’s on the ballot on January 5 — of being involved was destined to torch populist support for turning out on January 5 by convincing MAGA fans that the fix was in and that voting is pointless. Remember, Lin Wood is already openly calling for Republican voters in the state to boycott the runoffs in protest:


Who are these people?

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