Saturday, November 14, 2020

The lawless fantasy to oust all the election lawyers of Donald Trump | TheHill

What is most unsettling is that this effort is led or cheered on by lawyers. Take Washington Post columnist Randall Eliason, who gained notoriety supporting an array of theories on impeachment or criminal claims against Trump, including a bribery interpretation long rejected by the Supreme Court and not adopted even by the House Judiciary Committee. Eliason wrote a column, “Yes, going after Trump’s law firms is fair game.” He shrugged off the notion that attacking lawyers, rather than positions, is beyond the pale: “Law is a profession, but these mega-law firms are also big businesses. Like any business, they can be held accountable by the public — and by their other customers.


The law is not like any other business, however. Lawyers speak for others, including some of the least popular among us. I have represented clients ranging from judges, members of Congress and whistleblowers to spies, terrorists, and polygamists. Many were hated by the public, who demanded that I be fired from my law school, but I have never seen such a campaign led by lawyers against lawyers.


Yes, this is very bad. We lawyers have to stick together. At least when we're not fighting.

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Better law law than riot riot or whatever the nasty likely alternative is.

Posted by: Jonathan | Nov 14, 2020 3:17:33 PM