Saturday, November 28, 2020

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Misguided Defense of John Brennan and The Logan Act: a Dangerous and Unconstitutional Law - Glenn Greenwald

Whether or not one agrees with these two lawmakers on every issue, having members of Congress questioning and objecting to highly consequential foreign policies is inherently healthier than full-scale agreement or fear-driven acquiescence. Dissent is strengthens all democracies. That is why I have relentlessly defended Congresswoman Omar, even in the face of less-than-ideally-phrased proclamations, from what I regard as bad faith accusations of bigotry and a lack of patriotism (just as I denounced moronic claims that Trump was a “traitor”): bad faith accusations of bigotry or treason are often designed to demonize attempts to question pieties and ostracize those who do it.

For that very reason, I was quite surprised to see that late Friday night, Congresswoman Omar, in response to something I wrote, defended not only former CIA Director John Brennan — who as Obama’s CIA Director presided over the bombing of numerous countries including Somalia — but also The Logan Act. The Logan Act is nothing more than an unconstitutional attempt to criminalize foreign policy dissidents, like her, and is so dangerous in the hands of the CIA, FBI and federal prosecutors precisely because it lacks any clear definition or meaning.


Omar is a stinker and Greenwald a lefty, but he's right about the Logan Act. Brennan is more proof of Hayek's dictum about people in public life.

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Here's the deal: all democrat politicians are scum without exception, most but not all republican politicians are scum as well. Go with that truism and you won't often be wrong in your judgement of any politician.

PDJT seems to be a shining exception to the above, but then again he is not a politician, he is a super successful entrepreneur who decided he couldn't take any more BS from the usual suspects and then he beat them silly at their own game.

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Nov 28, 2020 8:14:17 AM