Thursday, October 15, 2020

Elites Are Making Us Worse And It's Making Them Rich

I’m thinking about the dictionary. It’s just after midnight and I’m thinking about how Webster’s recategorized the definition of “preference” to be “offensive” when used in the context of sexuality. The change came immediately after Democratic senators scolded Amy Coney Barrett for using the term during her confirmation hearing.

I’m thinking about this because the madness refuses to peak. When it seemed like nothing could top the whirlwind Trump presidency, a pandemic hit. When it seemed like nothing could top the pandemic, race riots broke out. When it seemed like nothing could top the combination of a pandemic, race riots, and a wild presidential election, Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.

Now, as we handle the pandemic, the racial unrest, the Supreme Court hearing, and the presidential election, two of the world’s most powerful corporations are nakedly using their massive influence to interfere in the election on behalf of the Democratic Party. And they’re getting away with it.

Whatever you think of the New York Post’s report on the emails it obtained showing Hunter Biden selling access to his father during the Obama administration, Facebook and Twitter’s justification for blocking the article’s circulation is laughable. Facebook said it needed to pass a third-party factcheck. Twitter said it may have violated its hacked materials policy. Neither company has applied those obstacles evenly to major stories on Democrats and Republicans.


Damn tootin'.

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