Monday, September 14, 2020

Winds a worry as death toll reaches 35 from West Coast fires | NewsNation Now

SALEM, Ore. (NewsNation Now) — Nearly all of the dozens of people reported missing after a devastating blaze in southern Oregon have been accounted for, authorities said, as crews continued to battle wildfires that have killed at least 35 victims from California to Washington state.

But warnings of low moisture and strong winds that could fan the flames added urgency to the battle. The so-called red flag warnings stretched from hard-hit southern Oregon to Northern California and extended through Monday evening.

The flames have destroyed neighborhoods, leaving a barren, gray landscape in their wake, driven tens of thousands of people from their homes and cast a shroud of smoke over the region.

The crisis has come amid the coronavirus outbreak, the economic downturn and nationwide racial unrest that has led to protests in Portland for more than 100 days.

“What’s next?” asked Danielle Oliver, who had to flee her home outside Portland. “You have the protests, coronavirus pandemic, now the wildfires. What else can go wrong?”


It's the winds that make wildfires scary and destructive. I've told you this before, but you feel the hot winds before you see the flames and they are uniquely frightening. They're bone dry, smoky, gusty and well, you can see why they call them Devil Winds here in SoCal at least. I don't buy that they're named after Mt. Diablo near San Jose.

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