Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Why one very rich woman says we need to talk about money

Being extremely wealthy isn’t the carefree, champagne-soaked free-for-all you might imagine it to be — at least according to Jennifer Risher.

She and her husband, David, earned tens of millions of dollars in the tech world before the ages of 35, and suddenly found themselves in an elite tax bracket without a manual on how to navigate the potential pitfalls of isolation and strained social relationships.

“We see wealth from a really narrow perspective: the glitz, the glamour and the greed, but we don’t see the reality,” Risher, 55, told The Post. “Money is a taboo subject, but it really shouldn’t be.”

The mother of two calls her new book, “We Need To Talk: A Memoir About Wealth,” “a coming out” as rich, something she had previously struggled with.

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I think I'll have someone on my staff read this book and give me a 2 minute summary.


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