Monday, September 14, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein 'was secretly bankrolled' by newspaper baron Robert Maxwell - Ghislaine's father | Daily Mail Online

Robert Maxwell is known as one of Britain's most powerful media magnates and most notorious fraudsters.

He spent his business career investing in Israel's economy after losing most of his family during the Holocaust and moving to the UK to build a publishing empire. 

He died aged 68 in suspicious circumstances after falling off his megayacht in 1991. After his death, he was revealed to have stolen £500million ($623 million) from employee pension funds.  


Not a very good example to his daughter.

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Maxwell's thefts from his company's pension funds included such sophisticated ploys as opening a safe and taking out share certificates.

Strangely, allusions to his career on the Beeb and in the Guardian often omit reference to the fact that he had been a Labour Party MP.

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