Monday, September 14, 2020

Fuck All The Perfect People - Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians - YouTube

This is the title track from the new album by Chip Taylor & the New Ukrainians. The video is directed by 4-time Juno Award winner Jeth Weinrich. Chip is the legendary songwriter of Wild Thing and Angel of the Morning and more recently the performer of a string of acclaimed Americana records, including several with Carrie Rodriguez. Prior to his return to music, Chip was a successful professional gambler and elite horse race handicapper. He is also the brother of Jon Voight and the uncle of Angelina Jolie. FYI -- the first person seen is in this video is lovely & talented Italian performance actress / TV personality, Paola Fiorido -- who was fired from a top rated TV show when she expressed negative thoughts about certain people in power.



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