Saturday, August 1, 2020

The world's longest-living people share this hobby—why it can add years to your life

Some are things you might expect, like a mostly plant-based diet, a strong social support group and moderate exercise. But there is one surprising commonality: In each community, residents garden well into old age.

That’s no coincidence, as there’s plenty of research to prove that gardening increases well-being and longevity.


I haven't whined about my garden in weeks. This is because (crossing fingers, sprinkling salt over my shoulder, turning around three times and spitting, and knocking on wood) my tomatoes are flourishing. I'd post a picture but that's too much work at the moment. The tomatoes are super delicious, but so far, rare. This is because the great tomato apotheosis is upcoming. The cling there, plump but green. I'd say in a couple weeks, we shall feast upon their flesh. It's only the early ripeners that have so far been devoured. This proves anybody can garden, so long as they are willing to spend about $50 per tomato. If I live long enough, the cost may come down to a nickle or so.

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