Saturday, August 1, 2020

Charles Barkley Channels John Lewis, Defies NBA’s Good$ Trouble

BLM does not scare or defy the establishment. BLM is the establishment. It’s corporate-mandated civil obedience. It’s commercial goods trouble. As in the global sellers of commercial goods — Nike, for instance — promote BLM trouble as a way to resist President Trump’s isolationist, America First agenda.

Good$ trouble is the bastard child of Civil Rights icon John Lewis’ good trouble, the 1960s-style civil disobedience that fought America’s discriminatory laws.

In an effort to protect global expansion and global revenue streams, corporate America and Big Tech have mandated allegiance to Black Lives Matter. LeBron James, Adam Silver, Roger Goodell, the NFL and Major League Baseball have embraced BLM because their corporate sponsors have demanded it. 

There’s no risk or courage involved in taking a knee in 2020. The disobedience and rebellion will be shown by the athlete, coach, executive or media member willing to defy his/her corporate overlord. 



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