Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Democrats Surrender in Portland

Ms. Brown insisted that “the plan” is “very, very clear.” As of July 30, Customs, Border Patrol, and immigrationa agents — she called them “Trump’s troops” — “will be out of downtown Portland.” Then she acknowledged that it’s “certainly a phased withdrawal.” So Mr. Shapiro asked about how it’s now “the responsibility of Oregon state police to protect the federal courthouse.”

“Our Oregon state police,” Ms. Brown allowed, “will be focused on protecting Oregonians who are speaking freely. We want to make sure that free speech rights are protected here in Portland and, frankly, all across the state of Oregon.” So NPR’s interviewer asked: “You didn't mention protecting property. So if somebody wants to graffiti the federal courthouse or smash a window, are they going to intervene?”

“Yes,” the governor acknowledged, “we’ve been very clear that Oregon state police will protect the federal courthouse.” That certainly sounds like a capitulation to us. Youtube has an exegesis by commentator Tim Pool. “It sounds like the Feds are getting everything they’ve asked for — in exchange for nothing,” is the way Mr. Pool puts it.


NY Sun.

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