Friday, July 10, 2020

Opinion | As Mayor of Minneapolis, I Saw How White Liberals Block Change - The New York Times

Democrats have largely led big and midsize cities for much of the past half-century. Yet the gaps in socioeconomic outcomes between white people and people of color are by several measures at their worst in the richest, bluest cities of the United States.

How could this be? Because high-profile cultural conservatives ask this question so disingenuously, white liberals have generally brushed aside this reality rather than grappled with its urgency. There’s now a danger that this sidestepping will continue, even after a national evaluation of racism since the brutal police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


Ugh. You would greatly reduce inequality with a few simple steps. Get rid of minimum wage laws. Get rid of teachers' unions. Allow vouchers for private schools of all sorts. Get rid of stupid economic regulations that make it impossible to start small businesses. A few other things. I predict none of these things will happen, especially not in blue states. And that's because our ruling elites, mostly white, are invested in the way things are and only see non-solutions.

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"Get rid of stupid economic regulations that make it impossible to start small businesses"

We do that better. A young kinsman wanted to start a new management consulting business. Once he'd made his decision and asked his accountant to go ahead with the paperwork his limited company was listed at Companies House within 24 hours.

Of course if he hadn't wanted limited liability he could just have started up right away. I have. My wife has. You want to start a business? You find a customer and there you are: you've started one.

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