Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Leftist Group Calling For Facebook Boycott Is Still Running Ads On Facebook

So let’s get this straight. This organization says that Facebook is such a smoldering cesspool of hate that companies like Starbucks shouldn’t advertise there, but its fine for them to do so? In fact it’s fine for any organization that shares their progressive beliefs? This sounds a lot like the real goal here is to make Facebook a platform that only features ads from the left.

That is something that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vehemently opposed. Though imperfect, Zuckerberg has stood up much more strongly against the woke mobs than Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and he deserves credit for it. Instead, cynical corporations are siding with Marxists to deplatform conservatives and create one party rule at Facebook.

As with so much on the left, the rules apply to everybody except themselves. This is a feature not a bug. The whole point of these campaigns is to erase conservative thought and ideas. Thus far, Facebook has been far stronger in the face of the mob than many corporations boycotting them. We can only hope it remains that way.


Sounds about right.

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