Monday, July 6, 2020

1,100 Russian tanks, 330 warplanes along border with Ukraine

Ukrainian and American experts, as well as the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, warned that under the pretext of holding strategic exercises Kavkaz 2020, Russia may resort to a large-scale offensive against Ukraine. The other day, the Russian president signed a decree on conscription from the reserve "for military training" - without specific dates for this training. This only increased the likelihood of an offensive – behind the decree may be the attempt of the Russian leadership to conduct a covert mass mobilization for military aggression.



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The USA has been attempting to bully Russia ever since Slick Willie replaced Bush the Elder. Now American cities are aflame, with Governors and Mayors instructing police not to intervene. Tell me, in Russia's shoes wouldn't you be tempted to sabre-rattle a little?

Posted by: dearieme | Jul 6, 2020 3:24:04 PM

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