Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Amazon's Candace Thille on Her First Jobs - The Atlantic

Fadulu: Could you tell me about one or two jobs you worked in college that were the most memorable?

Thille: One of them was I worked in the library in the government documents division. What was memorable about that was that it was so boring. Figuring out how to make something that is so fundamentally tedious and boring tolerable, because I needed the job. That was one.

And then the other extreme was I also had a job as peer sex educator, which was through Cal Hospital on campus at Berkeley. My job was to go out into the dorms and other student-living situations and hold value-clarification conversations about sexuality and decision-making about sexuality. And that job was a blast because you're a teenager or in your twenties and you're out there talking with people about sex, but also helping.

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Currently, there are more jobs like the first and fewer like the second. With AI, this will change, no doubt. There will be more jobs for technicians to visit people and tune up their sexbots.


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When I was a fresher I had a job as bodyguard to a stripper.

I know, I know: how could I afford it?

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