Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hana Kimura, Pro Wrestler and ‘Terrace House’ Cast Member, Dies at 22

A cause of death was not immediately clear. However, the most recent update on her Instagram story on Friday featured a photo of her with her cat, with a caption that reads “goodbye.” She had also recently posted a series of troubling tweets, one of which, according to a fan translation, read that she didn’t “want to be a human anymore.”

“Thank you to everyone who supported me,” read another message, which also implied that she had been cyberbullied. “I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry.”


Sad but funny but sad.

Come to think of it, I wanted to mention that Adrian Vermuele (sp?) blocked me on twitter! Does that make me a victim of cyber-bullying? I feel cyber bullied. All I did was send him a little joke about the Lady of Guadalupe and Princeton (favorable to LOG, unfavorable to Princeton-- he had mentioned LOG in a tweet) and boom, that was it. I mean, holy cow, he's a bit hypersensitive, I'd say. So now I think I deserve some sort of special victim status, perhaps a chair at Harvard or something. I'd say I might be part Native American, but my sibling got genetically tested and it turns out every drop is from England or Ireland, so I can't in good faith claim that. Though I'm guessing the Irish blood is at least as savage as say the Shoshone, who were mostly pretty peaceful. Oh well.

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