Saturday, May 23, 2020

China's new "national security law" for Hong Kong is really... something

That may very well turn out to be the case if China continues their crackdown unchecked, but the impact on the freedoms traditionally enjoyed by Hong Kong residents under the control of Great Britain will probably be taking an even worse beating. It may not just be the end of Hong Kong as a financial center, but a complete shift toward what looks more like a “one country, one system” policy where Hong Kong is essentially just another province under the thumb of Beijing. And at least thus far, leader Carrie Lam is singing the CCP’s tune in a pitch-perfect fashion. (Reuters)


Congress should pass a refugee law like it did for Cuba, where if you manage to get here from HK, you can get automatic refugee status. Of course you'd have to do something to sort of the spies.

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