Saturday, May 23, 2020

Carrie Severino: Far-left Obama-appointed judge launches political attack on conservative Federalist Society | Fox News

The draft advisory opinion by the committee has been portrayed by its cheerleaders – Sen. Whitehouse being the most prominent – as a high-minded effort to remove politics from the courts. This sounds like a noble idea on its face. But the reality is that everything about the behind-the-scenes effort to implement the draft to bar judges from membership in the Federalist Society has been partisan and unseemly.

To say that Whitehouse has been obsessed with attacking the Federalist Society would be an understatement. For years he has been on a one-man mission to delegitimize the Federalist Society and its co-chairman, Leonard Leo.

So it was no surprise when last week Whitehouse led six other Democratic senators in penning a letter enthusiastically endorsing the draft advisory opinion seeking to keep judges from belonging to the Federalist Society.

Whitehouse’s buddy, Judge McConnell, is a key player in the effort to ban federal judges from being members of the society.


This stinks.

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