Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Atlantic Favors the Chinese Communist Party's Approach to Free Speech | News and Politics

Two authors at The Atlantic have sided with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the United States government on free speech. The only question, given that one of them is a professor at Harvard, is whether they're colluding directly with China like Charles Lieber, or whether it's merely convergent evolution. The title of the article is, "Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal. In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong." That should offend American sensibilities enough never to read The Atlantic again. Digging in, however, leaves the reader with the impression that communist infiltration on campus is far more prevalent than anyone wants to believe.

The two professors, Jack Goldsmith of Harvard Law, and Andrew Keane Woods of Arizona Law, begin their article with this bold pronouncement:

COVID-19 has emboldened American tech platforms to emerge from their defensive crouch. Before the pandemic, they were targets of public outrage over life under their dominion. Today, the platforms are proudly collaborating with one another, and following government guidance, to censor harmful information related to the coronavirus. And they are using their prodigious data-collection capacities, in coordination with federal and state governments, to improve contact tracing, quarantine enforcement, and other health measures.

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I'm speechless.


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