Monday, April 13, 2020

Steve Hilton: How to reopen America safely, but soon | Fox News

As part of a comically complicated scheme with different phases and benchmarks for different parts of the country, this plan would use mass virus testing, not antibody testing -- as Dr. Fauci puts it, to identify, isolate, contact, trace everyone who gets the virus.

But the latest data tells us that many millions of Americans have or will get the virus. The idea that the government can identify each of them, isolate them somewhere for weeks, trace all their contacts -- it's insane.

And now we know that Apple and Google are right behind it, ready to build their surveillance empires on the back of this crisis. Let's call it the Gottlieb-Apple-Google plan or "GAG" for short. It's a technocrat's dream and America's nightmare. No.

To be effective, to bring certainty to business, to maximize our chances of getting that big bounce-back recovery working Americans so desperately need, the right plan to reopen America has to be safe, of course, based on science, but also simple. That's the plan we'll present to you.


Sounds like a good plan to me.

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