Monday, April 20, 2020

On Tech: Take YouTube’s Dangers Seriously

My colleague Kevin Roose excels at explaining how our behavior is shaped by the companies behind our favorite online hangouts.In the first episode of Kevin’s new audio series, called “Rabbit Hole,” he tells us how Caleb Cain, a college dropout in West Virginia, found himself watching ever more extreme YouTube videos. Caleb said he started to believe the racism, misogyny and conspiracy theories he absorbed.People believe in fringe ideas for complex reasons. But Kevin points some blame at YouTube and its feature that recommends one video after another. This can push people from relatively mainstream videos toward dangerous ideas.


Well, this is true enough but it's not like the NY Times doesn't try to mind control one into being a good little subject of the Vampire Squid State. In my case, YouTube has turned me into more of a libertarian than I was before. I also watch the UFO videos but it's not like believe them or anything (watch the skies!).

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