Friday, April 3, 2020

Can China use coronavirus to pave the way to a new world order? | TheHill

Chinese officials have recently stated that the regime will take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to build a “Health Silk Road.” This should serve as a big wakeup call to all. A world under China would be a nightmare. This is the same China that has forced political dissidents and Uighur Muslims into re-education camps, a country that has managed to disseminate a pandemic that is killing and sickening thousands across the globe, all the while decimating economies everywhere. And now, China wants to “help” the world get out of the mess that it created in the first place.

Make no mistake — the Chinese are manipulating the coronavirus outbreak as the perfect opportunity to make themselves look like the good guys, undermine the role of the U.S. as the global first responder, and emerge as a world superpower in a way that nobody would have foreseen.

Over the past decade, while many in the U.S. have been preoccupied with internal political strife and the Trump administration, China has swiftly moved into the voids that were left open by Western democracies. Now, China has been carefully strategizing, overlooking the greatest void of them all: the worldwide coronavirus havoc, waiting for the perfect moment to fully take advantage of the situation.


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