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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus will give Trump a second term | Spectator USA

In just one week, the American public has flipped its opinion on the Trump administration’s response to the virus: 43 percent approved and 54 percent disapproved of Trump’s response last week — this week, 55 percent approve and just 43 percent disapprove. Critics widely panned Trump’s initial response to news that the virus was making its way to the US, saying that his attitude was too cavalier while simultaneously suggesting he was xenophobic for restricting travel from China. Media outlets spread the false claim that he referred to the virus as a ‘hoax’. The administration seemed ill-prepared to ensure hospitals had enough testing kits in the early stages of the crisis. But public opinion changes rapidly, and the December soundbites latched onto by pundits and politicians become less important to Americans as the Coronavirus Task Force, including the sharp and sober Dr Anthony Fauci and Amb. Deborah Birx, gives informative daily briefings.


Anything can happen in this crazy world.

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