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Monday, March 23, 2020

21 million fewer cellphone users in China may suggest a high CCP virus death toll | China in Focus - YouTube

China reports a twenty-one million drop in mobile users for the past three months. Could #CCPvirus casualties be one of the causes? An expert explains. As virus cases continue increasing around the world, China has been reporting zero new local cases. But local residents tell us otherwise. The #coronavirus, or CCP virus is forcing many countries to rethink their relationship with China. We dig deeper into the local level, look at Washington state and where US patient zero was first discovered. Senate Democrats block a virus relief bill for the second day in a row. They say it fails to do enough for families, but Republicans criticize them for delaying funding for workers and small business. Over 1.5 billion people globally told to stay home to avoid virus spread. This, after the UK was the latest to join lockdown. And in the US, federal agencies to build four emergency hospitals in NY this week.


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