Friday, February 14, 2020

'When Suicide Becomes Logical': Inside A Separatist-Run Prison In Ukraine's Donetsk

Another man who had been tortured on a table together with his son also attempted suicide. The torture involved more than just physical pain. When the man's son urinated on himself due to involuntary muscle contractions because both of them had electrodes attached to their rectums and genitals, the torturers mocked the father: "Look at your son! He's peed himself like a puppy!"

The man told me that the torture and the death threats he had endured hurt him less than that single moment. But my conversation with him happened much later. At this point, he was just a man brought into our cell with severe electrical burns and a bleeding wound on his head. The head wound was the result of his suicide bid. He'd tried to smash his skull open against the metal corner of a bunk in the basement.

This man was put in our cell because he'd already been "worked over" and now the administration wanted to make sure he wouldn't try to kill himself again. But later in the evening another problem became apparent.

From 7:00 until 8:30, he was completely disoriented. He was delirious and didn't understand where he was. It turned out that he had been tortured the entire previous week at this same time. Now, as evening approached, the slightest rustling in the corridor was enough to make his hands tremble uncontrollably. He sat on the edge of a bunk by the door mindlessly repeating: "Hold on, son. Just hold on, hold on." He really believed he was back in the basement on the table beside his son.



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