Thursday, February 6, 2020

Nancy Pelosi should resign | TheHill

Pelosi has demolished decades of tradition with this poorly considered moment. Of course, many will celebrate her conduct and be thrilled by the insult to Trump. However, even those of us who disagree with his policies should consider what Pelosi destroyed in her moment of rage. She shredded the pretense of governing with civility and dignity in the House. Notably, she did not wait to rip up her copy of the speech until after she left the House floor. Pelosi wanted to do it at the end of the speech, in front of the camera, with the president still in the chamber.

That act was more important to Pelosi than preserving the tradition of her office. In doing so, she forfeited the right to occupy that office. If Pelosi cannot maintain the dignity and neutrality of her office at the State of the Union, she should resign as the speaker of the House of Representatives.


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Nancy Pelousy the San Francisco Tw4t. Way to go girl!

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Feb 7, 2020 7:28:43 AM

She's third in line to the throne. A cheering thought, eh?

Is there a good reason why your elective monarchy stops being elective once the P and VP are dead?

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 7, 2020 1:06:04 PM

Nah, she should just have another wee drinkie.

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 8, 2020 3:16:25 AM

We don't have a monarchy elected or otherwise. You on the other hand have been subjected to an unelected monarchy for millennia

Posted by: Stu Buchalter | Feb 8, 2020 12:17:13 PM