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Friday, February 21, 2020

How Trump Made the Federal Courts Blink - American Thinker

Judge Jackson has decided to ignore both the jury forewoman's impropriety and Roger Stone's motion for a new trial and sentenced him to forty months behind bars.  Apparently, you can take part in a coup and find yourself a paid contributor for cable news, but if you attempt to obstruct a coup, hell hath no fury like the Deep State scorned.  

The judges have postponed their planned "emergency meeting" indefinitely.  Like most things the president says that cause alarm for the D.C. establishment, it is not the recklessness of his words, but their truthfulness that rattles them, and the more truth he slings their way, the more rattled they become.  The judges realized they were about to make a consequential mistake by taking on directly the one person in the country not afraid to put the Judicial Branch in its place.  


This is very injudicious. No idea how much of it is true.

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